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Meher Baba's Treasures at Meherdham Hawaii


Meherdham includes a meditation room and a unique collection of precious Avatar Meher Baba artifacts on display. Although at the Great Darshan in 1969, Stan Alapa had only hoped for "one tiny item or relic of Baba," Meher Baba's close disciples and devotees showered him and Hawaii in abundance. Devotees of Meher Baba view these treasures not as "museum pieces" but as living objects, charged with his love. Indeed, many express having experienced his ever living presence while bowing down to his chair.

Meherdham takes special care to preserve these items while making them available for guests. As the Avatar Meher Baba Trust says, "The many objects and articles used by Meher Baba during his lifetime constitute tangible links by which the generations to come can experience connection and closeness to Meher Baba as love personified."

Murshida Ivy Duce, appointed by Meher Baba as the first teacher of his Sufism Reoriented, emphasized to Stan that he must carefully preserve these items, not only for his spiritual growth or that of local Baba Lovers, but for the well-being of the Hawaiian islands. A major impetus for Stan in establishing a lasting Hawaiian Center was to find a suitable place for these generous gifts.

The gifts that Stan received in 1969

  • A chair and foot pillow Baba used on annual visits to the home of Mr. K. K. Ramakrishnan, head of the Pune (Poona) Center for Avatar Meher Baba
    (gift of Mr. Ramakrishnan)

  • A pair of Meher Baba sandals (gift from Mehera, Meher Baba's closest woman disciple)

  • A lock of Meher Baba's "golden" hair (from Mani, Meher Baba's sister)

  • Meher Baba's signature (from Mani)

  • A sadra, an ankle-length white garment Baba often wore (from Eruch, Meher Baba's "right hand")

  • A piece of material and garland of roses that had been in contact with Meher Baba in his Samadhi (Tomb) before he was enshrined

  • Granite stone, also next to Baba in crypt

  • A white statue of Zarathustra, who Meher Baba called the first Avatar of this cycle of time

  • A crown Meher Baba had worn when adorned as Krishna, whom Meher Baba identified as the third Avatar of this cycle of time (from Mr. Ramakrishnan)

  • Handkerchief used for wiping Meher Baba's face (from Mr. Ramakrishnan)

  • A bar of soap used by Baba (from Mr. Ramakrishnan)

  • Hair and fingernail pairings (from Mr. Ramakrishnan)

  • Small pink cloth and pink sheet Baba had used (from Mr. Ramakrishnan)

  • Gift received by Paul Morse and later donated to the collection in 1980:
    A small bottle of melted ice water that had been used next to Baba in the crypt.

    Some of the Treasures are being wrapped for preservation. They will not be available for viewing any longer. They are pictured for your viewing on this site.

Pictures of the Five Perfect Masters:


Narayan Maharaj

Sai Baba

Tajuddin Baba

Upasni Maharaj



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