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Meherdham Property and Guest Accommodations


Meherdham Hawaii consists of five acres of agricultural land located about three miles northeast of Ho'olehua Airport. The property is in the central part of the island toward the upland side amidst farmlands and countryside. A coffee plantation and Macadamia Nut Farm are just down the road. Technically, Meherdham is in the town of Ho'olehua through the only features of the town are a post office and a credit union and two other buildings.

Two miles east on the small main road brings you to the larger town of Kualapu'u. Kualapu'u features a post office, a restaurant, a grocery store and a larger residential community. The island's only real Town, Kaunakakai, is located down land, closer to the ocean on the south side. Although there is only one main street, whatever is needed by Molokai's residents and guests is obtainable there - although you may have to wait for the barges to come in to restock the stores.

The Homestead

The Meherdham property was acquired by Stan Alapa and his daughters in the 1970s as part of the Native Hawaiian Homelands Act. Prior to being developed as a Center, Stan and his daughter Ohelo attempted one and another agricultural project over the years - none of which attained success for any long period. The only structures on the land were open sided packing sheds used to process the produce. Most importantly for the Center's future, however, was the planting of Ironwood trees as wind breaks which define the major acreage, and the installation of a major irrigation system.

Center Development

The first true building on the property was the cottage Stan built when the move from Kipu became necessary. Originally intended as an office for Stan and a salon for Shirley it quickly became the place where they would live. Currently, this building is Shirley's home and houses Baba's, sandals, sadra and other smaller treasures.

Before Stan's passing in 2001, he had begun the work of converting the old packing sheds into guest accommodations, and, having shared his plans and dreams with his wife Shirley, she set out to continue this work.

In 2003, a wing of cottage rooms was made available to guests. While still limited, the guest wing includes a one bedroom apartment, known as "Hale Baba", with cooking and bath facilities, a library, a small meditation room where Baba's chair and foot cushion are located and a meeting room and store room recently converted into an additional guest facility known as "Hale Jai".  

Current Guest Facilities

At present, overnight accommodations are limited to Hale Baba and Hale Jai.  Hale Baba has  one bedroom with two single beds, a couch and room on the floor for those who are comfortable with futons.  Hale Jai is a split room arrangement consisting of a living room-kitchenette, and an attached bathroom and bedroom with a single bed.  Again, futons can be arranged for the living room area.  For more hardy souls, lots of space is available for tent camping. (Advanced arrangements required).

So long as the space is available, there is no limit to your length of stay.

Please contact Shirley for availability.

We will accept donations. State Excise Tax # W01849200-01.


     Like Meher Baba's Universal Center in Myrtle Beach, we strive to be a celibate retreat.

     If you would like to stay in a Hotel, you may find Hotel Molokai comfortable.

     As Meherdham is a retreat, we ask that you not conduct business while you are here.

I appreciate that you have come so far and would like to invite you to have breakfast with me on a prearranged basis. Lunch and dinner are on your own.

     Alamo Rental (Phone) 567 6381 or 1-800-327-9633 (located at the airport, near the retreat center).
     Hele Mai Taxi (Phone) 336 0967 or 646 9060

Diving directions:  Once you have picked up your car, drive east on the airport road to your first left, continue up that short road and turn right on Mo'omomi.  Drive east again on Mo'omomi until you come to the "T" at Pu'upe'elua.  Turn left and continue to the stop sign at Farrington Hwy.  At the left corner you will see a small credit union occupying the green lawn.  This is immediately next to Meherdham.  Turn left into the large parking area.  Then walk through the carport to the path and the front door of Shirley's collage.

     There is always work to do on the farm and for Baba. If, you are up for this, let me know.   

                                           Jai Baba. Welcome and Aloha!


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